JHHY is professional producing and selling modular prefab housecontainer prefab houseintegrated house of modular house company, company also set up modular prefab house rental service, our company devote to regard factory, standardization, modularization of modern construction as industry developing tendency, and concentrate on promotion of research of product and service level.


integration of construction, modularity is general trend, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, fast and time-efficient integrated house is developing trend of future of architecture.


combine action with awareness, note any discovery with words,
accumulate a bit anytime, record every development.

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Choice, because of trust of each other.
Maybe in a casual, you may discover, the distance between us is approaching.


"Dedication" is our attitude, "profession" is our function, " prosperity " is our direction. We hold “Dedication- profession- prosperity” as corporate philosophy, making integrated housing of domestic market into international market, in order to create the greatest value for customers at domestic and abroad, we try our best to be the leading brand of Chinese integrated housing enterprises in the world.

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